Information about the AFLC

As you may have questions about what the AFLC is we have put together a packet of information that gives an overview of our purpose and mission. If you would prefer to receive a physical copy of these files you can contact the AFLC Office by using the Contact Form.

Informational DVD

View an informational video about the AFLC and order any of the materials below from the AFLC offices. You can order the complete video as well which has information about the ministries of the AFLC.

Standing Fast in Freedom

Standing Fast in Freedom,  a 27-page booklet includes sections regarding the History, Structure & Organization, Declaration of Faith, What is the AFLC , Fundamental Principles & Rules for Work, of the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations; (updated version printed in 2011).

Tell Brochure

TELL brochure - shares the Vision and Mission of the AFLC in telling the saving story of Jesus to all the World.

Roots of Freedom

Roots of Freedom, a 20-page booklet with information regarding the organization of the Lutheran Free Church. Includes history, principles, and ministries of the AFLC with discussion questions. It is appropriate for use with youth and adults as an introduction to the AFLC. Additional copies may be ordered through Ambassador Publications.

God's Word and Our Witness

A study on homosexuality - God’s Word and Our Witness, a 40-page booklet on Faculty essays from the Theological Seminary and Bible School of the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations. Prepared in 1989 it   stands on the Word of God in conviction and compassion with five parts of study from the Old Testament to the New Testament. Copies may be ordered through the AFLC.

Marriage, Family and the Sanctity of Life

Conference Resolutions from the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations, past Annual Conferences dealing with Marriage, Family and Sanctity of Life.

Welcome to Biblical Lutheranism

Welcome to Biblical Lutheranism, tri-fold brochure explains the AFLC’s stand on what “We Still Believe” such as the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God; Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation and more.

What is the AFLC 

What is the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations? A tri-fold brochure originally published under the title of “What is the Lutheran Free Church?” Includes six paragraphs each beginning with "The Association of Free Lutheran Congregations is".

A Study on the Ordination of Women

“A Scriptural and Confessional Study on the Ordination of Women.” This tri-fold brochure explains the Word of God as the authority for this topic in faith and life which clearly shows God’s establishment for leadership in human order and the church.

2014-2015 Winter News

A bi-yearly publication from the AFLC sharing about the ministries of the AFLC.

The Lutheran Ambassador

A monthly publication by the AFLC with timely information, articles and news of the AFLC - order by calling 763-545-5631. 


AFLBS is a 2 year college-level school of the Bible. whose  mission is to establish, prepare, and equip students in their lifelong walk with God.

The Servant Pastor - AFLTS

“The Servant Pastor” a bi-yearly publication of the Association of Free Lutheran Theological Seminary.