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2015 INFO

  • Jan 21 – AFLC Business Manager still needed for AFLC Headquarters – Job posting updated
    (review of applicants for this job will begin immediately and continue until job is filled)
  • Wilderness Camp ground hosts needed for 2015  –  see information
  • 2015  Pastor Directory and Handbook – order form
  • Peri-cope – Scriptures for 2015 and Calendar for AFLC events

2014 INFO


Other Information and helps for AFLC Churches and Individuals
NEW AFLC PICTORIAL DIRECTORY – churches and pastors (updated 2015 – Feb)
UPDATE YOUR PDF READER – (if having trouble viewing update your pdf reader)
E-Info page for brochures and booklets about the AFLC and it’s ministries
Wedding vows update – Ministerial Acts pg 39
AFLC Conference Reports – go to Conference page