January 9, 2001

​A growing ministry in an again community p. 4
The unseen work of evangelism p. 6
What's happening at Bethel? p. 10
On the shelf or the altar? p. 11

February 6, 2001

Why do we avoid repentance? p. 4
Through prayer I was renewed and restored p. 5
In awe and wonder, get a glimpse of God p. 6
How do you eat God's Word? p. 8

February 27, 2001

Stay in touch with the laity p. 4
International students bring new dimension p. 4
Learning to serve in congregations p. 6
Who comes to AFLBS? p. 8

March 20, 2001

You have been issued a pardon p. 4
Grace that is greater than all p. 7
Easter glory p. 9Lord, is it I? p. 10
A visit to India and Sri Lanka p. 19

April 10, 2001

You are invited, so please come! p. 4
What will you give in exchange for your soul? p. 6
God offers help to parents p. 8

May 1, 2001

What is the holy Christian church? p. 4
We found a new church home p. 6
Building men of God p. 6
Helps for the caregiver p. 8

May 22, 2001

I have known God's light and warmth since infancy p. 4
Were it not for God's amazing grace p. 5
Those unspoken, yet powerful testimonies p. 6
My mother's and sister's prayers were finally answered p. 7
The priest who discovered God's Word p. 10

June 12, 2001

How do we get them into the Word? p. 6
There is hope for the desperate p. 8
AFLBS summer teams p. 16
AFLC schools graduation p. 18

July 3, 2001

What the fall did to our rest and work p. 4
Sacred or secular work; what do you do? p. 6
How to find true rest p. 8
What are you teaching your family? p. 10
Meeting some East African Lutherans p. 12

August 7, 2001

2001 Conference Reports
When God does seem to hear p. 15
Why not work? p. 16
Vision 2004 calls for prayer p. 18

September 4, 2001

Only Jesus could do it p. 3
Convention profiles p. 6
The work behind the worship p.8
Lutherans For Life oppose destruction of embryonic children p. 10

September 25, 2001

From the beginning p. 4
The exceptional child p. 6
A look at Parish Ed p. 12
A centennial year p. 18

October 16, 2001

FLY with FLAPS p. 6
Missions at our doorstep p. 8
Diary of a trip up north p. 12

November 6, 2001

There is hope in suffering p. 6
Enthusiasm in doing things for others p. 8
Applying justification to our everyday lives p. 10
Brazil needs funds p. 14

November 27, 2001

A life without fear p. 4
Already, but not yet p. 10
How then should we live? p. 12

December 18, 2001

Emmanuel p. 4
Humble Prince p. 8
Revival time p. 20