Wagner’s Update


Hi team! We have an answer to our housing prayer and a bit of exciting news…

HOUSING UPDATE: Within two weeks of our request for a place to live, a lovely couple from Berea Lutheran Church has offered us a house in Richfield, MN at well below cost! What a tremendous blessing and answer to prayer. We’ll be able to continue our remote work from there as we wait to move back to our home in Makeni. It’s also a perfect setup to welcome…

wagners baby announcement

AN ADDITION IN DECEMBER! That’s right! Somehow moving plans get Ruthie pregnant. 3 for 3: Texan, Sierra Leonean, and Minnesotan. This of course will adjust plans a touch, but we’re eager to return to Sierra Leone post-delivery, especially if Josh’s trip turns out a good report for return.

JOSH’S SIERRA LEONE TRIP: Josh leaves on Saturday and returns June 4. The purpose of this trip is to assess the viability of our family moving back to Makeni — this will include looking into healthcare/emergency care options, security, work effectiveness in Sierra Leone vs. remotely in USA, among other things. He will also touch base with partners, friends, and neighbors, and hopefully he’ll assist with technology and training needs and facilitate a consultant check of some of the Themne translation. A lot for a week and a half!

Please be in prayer for this important trip, our family as we’re apart again (this time with Ruthie’s low energy and morning sickness), and for our move to Richfield on June 15.


With love,

Josh & Ruthie, Elijah, Isaiah, & Baby Wagner


Missionaries with LBT to Sierra Leone



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AFLC World Missions Announces the Engagement of Missionary Micah Berger to Famke Hekkenberg

Micah Berger and Famke Hekkenberg met with the AFLC World Missions Committee on April 30 and received approval to become engaged to be married.  Their engagement was announced the following day.

Micah is assigned to work in Jinja, Uganda training pastors and leaders.  Famke works with orphans in Jinja and is from the Netherlands.  She has an adopted daughter, Naomi.

The date for their marriage has not been announced, but it is expected to be this summer (2015) in Uganda.




Amanda Bellefyweb 7-2014
“When I thought, ‘My foot slips,’ your steadfast love, O Lord, held me up.  When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.” -Psalm 94:18-19

Dear family and friends,

It’s crazy to believe it’s already May.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  April was a busy time, but also a blessing.  My parents and sister were able to come down with the AFLBS group for 10 days.  I helped my parents cook for the students that were here helping at the bilingual school.  It was such a blessing and encouragement to have them here and be able to show them where I live and work.  Another blessing is that Andres and Vero had their baby, Rebekah.  It’s been fun having her here and I’m getting over my fear of babies.  Since my parents left, I have been getting back into the swing of things.  There’s only a month left and then the students here will be graduating.  Their graduation is on June 13th.  It’s also crazy to think that my time here in Ecuador is coming to a close.  This year I will complete the time commitment that I originally agreed to in serving here in Ecuador as a short-term missionary assistant.  I plan on coming home in August.  Next month I’ll write more of a final letter, but I just wanted to say what a blessing it has been to be here and I have learned so many things.  Thank you for your notes of encouragement and your prayers throughout this time.  God has really made Himself known to me during this time and even though sometimes I feel like the cares of this world are overwhelming, God has been constant and has held me up in His steadfast love.

Please pray for:

Andres, Vero (and Rebekah), Danilo, Caro, Jessica, and Tony as they are finishing up the year and will be graduating shortly

For wisdom for me in future plans

That God would be honored and glorified

In Christ,

Amanda Bellefy

WMF news

Bethany Free Lutheran WMF, Abercrombie ND
April 21, 2015
The Bethany WMF of Abercrombie ND held its April Meeting at Bethany Retirement Living in Fargo. Jean Nash, one of our dear members, resides there and we wanted to bring our WMF meeting to her. Kaaryn Weinmann, our treasurer and hostess for the month of April, planned the event and coordinated it with the home. We were also joined by several other special guests. Clarice Skjonsby, another Bethany Church member who has been living in Fargo for quite some time, also attended along with her daughter Loretta. Barb Strand brought her mother, Adeline Kvam, who lives at Edgewood Vista in Fargo. We had a wonderful evening with these dear ladies, studying God’s word, enjoying a light lunch and fellowshipping with each other. What a special time it was!
Bethany women
Back row (standing) Left to Right: Barb Strand, Loretta Bartholomay, Bev Nash, Adeline Kvam
Front row (seated): Pam Kinneberg, Mary Nash, Ranee Nash, Clarice Skjonsby & Jean Nash

Update from the Wagner’s

Hi team!
Two items…1) Josh is taking a trip to Sierra Leone with our LBT supervisor from May 23 to June 4. The purpose of this trip is to assess the viability of our family moving back to Makeni!
2) We are looking for a place to live in the Minneapolis area that would be semi-private, have at least two bedrooms for us and our two boys (almost 3 and almost 1), and have a space where we could work remotely. We have to move out of our apartment in mid-June, about two weeks after Josh returns from Sierra Leone. What he learns on the trip will determine whether our move from our apartment will be only short-term or whether we’ll need to find something for 6 months or more. Please let us know if you know of a place in the Minneapolis area.Thank you for considering this need.

As we go through yet another transition we value your prayers and support… and some hands in the moving process, come early June, if a few are available.

Wagner's-Esther by house(Our friend Esther standing in the shade of our house in Makeni, Sierra Leone)
Josh & Ruthie Wagner
(Elijah & Isaiah, too)
Missionaries with LBT to Sierra Leone
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