By Lynn Wellumson

One of the benefits of living in the “oil boom” capital of the United States is perks like a $78 million recreation center built one block from our home on the college campus.

It’s a dream come true with indoor walking and running tracks, many basketball courts, racquetball courts, soccer field, golf simulator, swim pools, weight room, and fitness area.  Like most of America, one of our resolves on New Year’s Eve was to take better care of ourselves.

While walking leisurely on a treadmill, I realized that the people around me were very serious about exercising.  One man had matching shoes, shirt, and water bottle.  Most of them were sweating due to giving it there all.  Their dedication shamed me and I upped my efforts slightly.

water bottle

It dawned on me that there were many correlations to church membership.  Some people go to church and place $5 in the offering plate, come when it’s convenient and there’s absolutely nothing else they want to be doing.  They feel a sense of comfort that they put in a presence and hope they were noticed.  Kind of like my effort at exercising.

By God’s grace and with His help I want my church involvement to be like the man with the matching clothes, the people sweating because they were giving it there all, and didn’t care one bit if anyone noticed their efforts or not.

Maybe all of us would be helped in our church involvement when we see Jesus gave His all for us.


Update from Amanda Bellefy

Amanda Bellefyweb 7-2014“I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I hope”-Psalm 130:5

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. I think maybe the best way to summarize the month of February is to say that it was spent in prayer. Many different things happened and I had to turn to my heavenly Father in prayer, and He took care of me and is taking care of me.
One of the things that happened is that I found out that my dad has leukemia. I found out yesterday that it is in the early stages, only in 10% of his body, and so now they will just be doing routine check-ups. All the honor and praise goes to God!

We started the 3rd and final trimester here at the Bible school. I’m teaching my students how to write in English for this last trimester. They have really been progressing, so that has been fun to see and given me a joy for teaching.
A group from AFLBS will be coming here April 8-18 to help at the bilingual school. Thankfully my sister and parents will be able to come down with the group.

Prayer Requests:
1. Praise for my dad’s test results, and continued prayer for his health
2. Our students: Andres and Vero (Their baby is due in April), Danilo, Tony, Jessika, and Carolina; for spiritual growth and unity
3. The AFLBS team: for safe travels and that they could be a witness here
4. For continued direction and wisdom for my future, that I would follow God’s will