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WMF National President Lynn Wellumson

I Know Them


By Lynn Wellumson

We were invited and treated royally to a pastor and wife banquet hosted by the Gideon group.  They had a local barbershop quartet sing gospel music.  While they were singing, I realized I knew all of them.  The first tenor is a board member at the local arts museum.  I have attended several events and he knows me well enough to nod at me.  (It’s a local form of greeting that says hi, I know I recognize you, but please don’t talk to me.)  The second tenor I have never actually met, but I go to his garage every other month to pick up my food coop order.  The first bass was the treasurer at the Christian school in town and he trained me in for the job.  We also had children in the same classroom and our daughters were on the volleyball team together.  I hired him to paint my kitchen.  The second bass I recognized because I attended his daughter’s wedding years ago.

John 10.14
John 10:14 says “I am the good shepherd, I know my own and my own know me.” (ESV)  How thankful I am to have a Shepherd who knows me completely and still loves me enough to give His life so I can be His forever.