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WMF National President Lynn Wellumson


By Lynn Wellumson

Over thirty years ago, we had just arrived at the parsonage of our first parish.  The church council and Jon decided to attend a Twins game in Minneapolis.  That left six month old Sam and I home alone for the first time.  On moving in day, it was casually mentioned that therewere house keys but no one knew wherethey were.  It really didn’t matter because no one locked their doors anyway.  (They didn’t lock car doors either, except in August.  Back then no one was sure what to do with zucchini and it often found its way into back seats.)

Sam and I talked it over when we went to bed and decided after living in Minneapolis for three years we felt safer locking the doors and Daddy could ring the bell when he got home in the middle of the night.

Around 3:00 a.m. Jon was attempting to come in the front door, surprised to find it locked.  He tried the back door, same success.  He did ring the bell and tried knocking as hard as he could.  With still no response, he decided to sleep in the bushes behind the house until morning.  As we went around the corner, he realized the bedroom window was open.  In conversational tone he said, “Lynn” and I woke up instantly and opened the door.

Isaiah 43:1b says “I have called you by name, you are mine.”  (ESV)  God has called us to believe, to repent, to cast our cares on Him, just to name a few.

What comfort to know God is intimately acquainted with us and already knows exactly what we need before we ask.  When we call upon Him in prayer, He is there, calling us to believe and trust in Him.