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WMF National President Lynn Wellumson

Are You A Cowgirl?

By Lynn Wellumson

My friend’s niece was taken to AFLBS this weekend to begin her studies.  I am thrilled for her and the other students who have the opportunity to sit underthe teaching and training in God’s Word on a daily basis.

I flashed back to the fall day in 1976 before I packed my bags and headed to AFLBS.  There was a cattle drive and the owners were desperate for horseback riders to help bring the herd to a corral where they could be safely loaded.  School had already started at the local high school and everyone seemed to be busy.  My dad was planning on helping and in his usual way looked around for volunteers.  He asked me if I would be willing.  While I said “yes” we both knew my horseback riding skills were minimal at best.  We mutually decided that I would stay in the back and ride the horse aptly named Patsy.  It was a fall day that showcased the best of western South Dakota.  No wind, temperature perfect.  It was a real adventure as the entire process of convincing cattle to move in the right direction went flawlessly.  I always enjoyed dad’s company and I really was excited to be a member of the team.

At our last stop, traffic had been stopped to allow the cattle to cross without breaking stride.  While I sat waiting, a man came running out of his car, snapped a picture of me and called out to his wife, “Honey, I got a picture of a real cowgirl”.  I was so stunned at his mischaracterization of me that I couldn’t even holler out, “You are wrong”.

As fall programs kick off in our churches, perhaps God is calling you to fill a position you don’t feel qualified to accomplish.  Out of love for my dad, I willingly did something I didn’t feel qualified for.  Out of love for your Heavenly Father, seek His guidance and direction. Since God created mankind, He has used mere mortal efforts to accomplish His works!

Philippians 4:13 (ESV)  “I can do all things though Him who strengthens me.”