The mission of AFLC Evangelism and Discipleship it to:
Encourage, Equip, and Assist our AFLC congregations and pastors in making and equipping disciples who make and equip disciples.

We are seeking to accomplish our mission by:

Developing a speaker program with gifted men and women available for the proclamation and teaching of God’s Word to a wide variety of audiences

Continuing to improve our website by adding and updating useful tools and resources for individuals and congregations

Building relationships of trust and commitment with our AFLC congregations and pastors through in-person contacts, phone calls, emails, newsletters, and actions that affirm this commitment

Developing new ministry opportunities where we see God at work and where they are consistent with our stated purpose and mission statements and not in the purview of other AFLC departments

Partnering with our sister AFLC Ministries in support of their ministry needs and goals as they relate to our stated purpose and mission statements

Please contact us with questions or suggestions!