The 2018 support to the WMF can be designated to the following projects :

(This project includes Parish Ed, AFLTS and AFLBS.)


Support received will go towards the publication of new 2nd Grade Sunday School material on the 10 Commandments.


Support continues for each full-time seminarian with $100 per semester for books and a Lutheran Ambassador subscription. After this goal is met support will be applied to continuing education for faculty.  Pray for the seminarians, their wives and families, the instructors and the School Board.


Support will continue to go towards the women’s dorm room refurbishing.  Each room will cost between $2400 to $3600 depending on the size of the room (not including flooring and curtains).  Keep the AFLBS students and the faculty in prayer.


Cradle Roll Packets

These Packets are available to be presented to new parents to encourage them with Christian literature and information now that they have a new life in their home and their family has increased.  These packets can be used to reach those outside your church as well.  Things contained in the packets are:

  • Baptism Book
  • Growth Calendar
  • Music CD
  • Newsletter
  • Books for Parents and Children
  • Birthday Cards
  • Baptism Birthday Card
  • Books for Preschoolers
  • Bible Story Book
  • Cradle Roll Certificate and District enrollment form

Cradle Roll packets can be ordered through the WMF Executive Secretary at any time.

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