The 2018 support received for Home Missions will be used to train and equip Parish Builders.

Please keep in prayer the Home Mission congregations, pastors, wives and families, parish builders and the Alaska mission with its pastors, wives and families and the Home Missions Board. You will find a list of congregations in the WMF Resource Manual with the pastor’s listed and a birthday list, as well as the registry and quilt ministry.

The Alaska Registry

The Registry has been updated with items that will be needed at the NET ministry outreach this summer. Specific evangelism tracts and Bible in other languages are listed on this registry. Other additions will help furnish the living quarters in the new garage. Your support is huge source of encouragement to our team and the people they are serving! The registry is:

Quilt Ministry to Alaska

We so appreciate all the quilts being sent our way here in Alaska. They are such a great way for us to give a practical expression of God’s love here in this cold climate. They are so appreciated by people and they open doors for us to share the Gospel. We pass them out to people here in Naknek, as well as take them to many area villages where we fly. We have taken several boxes to a closed village (due to strong Russian Orthodox influence) and we were welcomed there solely because of quilts. We also have sent quilts to villages where there has been severe flooding and people had lost nearly everything –the quilts were received with tears. Additionally, we shared dozens of quilts last summer with international visitors to Naknek during fishing season.

The information above is from the Home Missions site for quilting and for more information and answers to some frequently asked questions you can go to:

Mailing address:  KAKN Radio/Alaska Mission, P.O Box 214,  214 KAKN Way, Naknek, AK 99633

The Net

The Net is an internet café in Alaska that is a ministry to those who come to work at the canneries.

For more information on how you can be of support to this ministry in Alaska contact Home Missions or go to the Home Missions web site on The Net at

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