The 2018 support for the WMF General Fund.

Support received for WMF General Fund will be used to cover necessary expenses. The National Board prepares, prints and distributes the WMF Bible studies, Helping Hand newsletter, fall WMF Resource Manual updates and welcome packets to new congregations.  We have the WMF website (, WMF blog (, Facebook (, and the Pastor’s wives blog (Heartline) which is a secure site. Support also covers the administrative costs; salary for the Executive Secretary and stipends for the President and Treasurer.  Other expenses such as convention expenses, travel of officers, teleconference calls, office equipment and supplies, communications between District and National officers are included.

The WOC Fund covers the salary and travels of the Women’s Outreach Coordinator. (Presently that role is being filled by various board members and their expenses are paid from this fund.)


Offerings from Conference will go as designated to the different projects of the WMF.

We trust that each of your WMF’s will consider the items on the transmittal form as you give your offerings each month. We must work together to spread the good news of Jesus to a world that is dying and going to an eternity of total separation from God without Him.  What will you do? Please mail contributions with the transmittal form to the National WMF Treasurer, Deb Benson. Please make checks payable to WMF of AFLC.

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