The 2018 support will go to World  Missions Board to be distributed as necessary to the AFLC missionaries.

The support will be distributed to the AFLC missionaries as the World Missions Board deems necessary.  Keep our missionaries and families in prayer. A list of all AFLC missionaries, those serving AFLC fields and those on loan to other missionary organizations, with addresses and birthdays, as well as suggested mailing procedures and ideas can be found in the WMF Resource Manual.

The Mission Scholarship program.  This scholarship program is available to seminarians who are approved as missionary candidates for AFLC World Missions, Short Term Assistants (STA), and Missionary and Seminary wives who desire to continue their spiritual education.  Visit the World Missions website at to learn more and see our missionaries and their work.

The STA Fund (Short-term assistant): for individuals approved by the AFLC Missions Board to help serve our missionaries on the field.

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