AFLC Evangelism and Discipleship Emphasis Month, January 2021, Video #3 (Transcript)

-Pastor Matt Quanbeck, Board Member-

Hi! I’m Pastor Matt Quanbeck and I serve United Lutheran Church in Laurel, Nebraska. I also serve on the AFLC Evangelism and Discipleship Board and I’ve been working with our website as we try to renovate it and make it more of a useful tool for you. I should point out that I’m not recording this video from my church, United Lutheran. Actually, I’m recording it from Maranatha Free Lutheran Church in Glyndon, Minnesota, and I mention that, because the culture here in Glyndon is a little bit different than the culture back home in Laurel. And one of the goals we have for our website is that it would be a valuable resource, a helpful tool for you, as you seek to make disciples in your particular context.

One way that we want to do that is by providing kind of a library of different evangelism and discipleship resources. There’s all kinds of different materials out there. It can be tough to know where to start. We want to be able to say, “We know there’s a lot out there, but check these out first. Start here.” Along with materials that have already been produced, we want to produce new materials of our own, such as the animated video we recently produced that explains how evangelism and discipleship are interconnected.

A second way we want to be a valuable tool for you is by providing reviews of some of these different resources. Here’s an example of a review I wrote on a curriculum called “The Gospel-Centered Life.” You’ll see that I give an overview of this discipleship curriculum and then I highlight some of the things that I really love about that curriculum and finally, I point out one thing to be aware of if you use that curriculum. We want to make…write reviews of several different resources like that and we even plan to use some of you to help us with those reviews. We also want to have reviews and overviews of some of the different evangelism and discipleship programs and ministries that are out there.

Finally, we want our website to be a place where you can interact. Where you can interact with us as a department and where you can interact with one another. For example, we’ve been developing a list of different speakers within the AFLC that are available for special events. And so, you’ll be able to log into our website and access a form that you fill out, describing an event that you want to hold, and then you’ll kind of describe the event and we’ll be able to provide you with some speakers that we think could do a good job in that type of event. Finally, another way that you can interact with us and with one another is by a prayer request section on our website, where you’ll be able to share prayer requests about ministry in your context, about how you’re trying to make disciples in your context, and our department can pray for you, and other people within the AFLC can be praying for you in that area.

So, some of this has already started to happen, some of it’s going to be developed a little bit down the road, but there’s just a quick overview of our plans for our Evangelism and Discipleship website. Thanks! May God bless you as you seek to make disciples in your particular context.

-AFLC Evangelism & Discipleship
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