AFLC Evangelism and Discipleship Emphasis Month, January 2021, Video #5 (Transcript)

-Pastor Randy Nelson, Director, Evangelism & Discipleship-

Let me ask you, “What’s your favorite thing about snow?” I bet nobody’s ever asked you that before! I know snow often gets a bad rap, but there are some parts of it that I have come to really appreciate. I love how, when it snows, it can be so peaceful. You know, there’s nothing more peaceful than softly falling snow as it quietly blankets everything, bringing a silent peace to our world. And I love how it can transform, how it changes what was a lifeless, dreary landscape, filled with dead leaves covering brown grass, into this bright, magical wonderland. I love how it covers over all those unsightly things with a pure-white blanket, erasing those obvious signs of death and decay from our sight, and then replacing it with a beautiful layer of flawless perfection.  And I love how it gives us such a vivid picture of what the Gospel can do in a person’s life…something our world needs maybe now more than ever, which is why we want to encourage, equip, and assist you and your congregation to share this message with our dying world—to carry out the mission that Jesus gave us: to tell of the grace of God revealed through the life and sacrificial death of God’s only Son, that we might know His peace. That we might experience the transformation that comes through faith in Him. That we might rejoice in the covering over of our death-deserving sin by the perfect and holy righteousness of Christ. That we might, then, share in this Great Commission to share this Good News. That we would make and equip disciples who then make and equip disciples.

Over the last few weeks, you’ve received videos from us, sharing some of the ways that we’re working to do that and we want to ask you to partner with us, in that work, through your prayers, through your financial support, and also by allowing us to help you. We would love it if you would make use of our new speaker program—we’re excited, we are closer to getting to that 50 number and we have a lot of people who would really love to come and share at your church, to help you reach your community. We also want you to take advantage of and use the resources that are on our website—there you can sign up for the speaker program, but we’re adding new things all the time and we hope that in a short period of time we’re going to have some really good stuff on there for you to use. There’s also an opportunity for you to let us know what you think, and we want to hear how we can better support you in this critical mission that we have been given. This mission that brings lasting peace, transformation, and a pure and righteous covering, purchased by Christ, given freely to all who believe. May this mission guide and direct us all in this year to come.

-AFLC Evangelism & Discipleship