Evangelism Explosion

“Evangelism Explosion” by D. James Kennedy was taught to me at the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL in February of 1990. It was a week long class setting with on-the-job training–putting into practice what we learned in the class in the afternoons and evenings. The classes trained laymen and pastors biblically on evangelism, outlining the Gospel presentation, forming your own testimony and how to share it, handling objections to our presentation, “Do’s and Don’ts” to evangelism, witnessing as a way of life, and the importance of follow-up. The thing I remember most about the training was learning the Gospel and putting it to memory so bible verses could be recalled at any time when the opportunity would arise. Also, I learned the importance of developing my own personal testimony. And finally, the actual going out into the real world to share the gospel with individuals I did not know and would never meet again. The more I would go out and share my faith, the more confident and bold I would become.


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