Grief Support Ministry


Grief support ministry is an ongoing ministry once per month. When we started, we committed to six sessions total, twice per month in Feb, March, and April, then we reassessed needs moving forward. Now, we continue to meet a great need on a monthly basis. One thing that was key to getting the group going was to have our grief counselor give a talk each time on a topic related to grief. That way, new people could know they could come and listen to something and not necessarily have to talk right away. At the bottom of the document, I’ve included topics that we’ve covered.

Ministry Details:

Thursday Evenings, Once Per Month
At Good Shepherd Church, Camarillo

Are you looking for support and care as you face some of life’s most difficult experiences? If you’re facing grief and loss, you may feel alone or as if very few people understand your pain. There’s no need to walk this road alone. There are people willing to walk with you through your journey of grief and pain.

As we consider personal losses in addition to the stressful events in our society over the past year, the needs around us are great. The health crisis, disruptions in society, racial tensions, a controversial election, anxiety, and depression surrounding the pandemic, business losses, death of loved ones, declining health, failed marriages, broken friendships, and loss of fellowship have all left many discouraged and grieved. We need hope and peace found in Jesus Christ and comfort and support that comes from community with others.

Join our in-person grief support group at Good Shepherd Church in Camarillo. The group is facilitated by Paul Lenderman, a local grief counselor. 

Details & Meeting Schedule

Thursday, November 11th
4:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Good Shepherd Worship Center

Thursday, December 16th
4:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Good Shepherd Worship Center

A light dinner is provided and childcare is available upon request. Please email [email protected] to request childcare.

RSVP: Click here to register.

Questions? Contact [email protected] or (805) 384-9243.

Facilitator: Paul Lenderman, Certified Grief Counselor

  • Paul is the founder of Mark Ministries, a ministry dedicated to providing pastoral care, spiritual counseling, and grief support across Ventura County. Paul is also a local hospice chaplain. Paul’s passion is to help provide comfort, peace, and hope to those experiencing grief and loss, including a loved one, property, career/job, personal health, or a relationship.

November 2021 Meeting Promo
(we send an email out prior to each month’s meeting) 

Gratitude and grief. Those words don’t seem to go together. Is it possible to be grateful and grieving at the same time? It must be possible, because God commands us, “Give thanks in all circumstances” (1 Thess. 5:18). This week, as we talk about gratitude in grief, we’ll discover how the practice of gratitude can be one of the most transformational experiences on the journey of grief.

Join us this Thursday, November 11 for this month’s grief support meeting. We’ll hear a brief talk by Paul Lenderman entitled “Gratitude in Grief,” and we’ll have time for Q&A and open sharing. As always, food and coffee will be available. 

Grief Support Group Meeting
Thursday, November 11, 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.  
Good Shepherd Worship Center


Can you join us on Sunday? We’re excited to have Paul Lenderman preach at Good Shepherd this Sunday, November 14. He’ll be sharing a message entitled, “God is Good, Even When Life is Bad.” If you haven’t yet joined us for worship at Good Shepherd, now is the time! You’ll be warmly welcomed, you’ll see many familiar faces, and you’ll be encouraged by a message of hope and comfort. The worship service begins at 10:00 a.m. 

Check out this article – “How Can I Be Thankful When My World’s a Wreck?” Author Janel Breitenstein writes, “So many of us are struggling to catch our breath from our life circumstances this year. One friend of mine with three kids lost her husband. Another lost a massive scholarship and college career when his university went under. Another friend lost the business she’d built for years. I personally endured a scathing career loss. But as we whip mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving — or simply eye the vacant chair at the dinner table — what does it look like to be thankful in a year of loss?” Click here to read the full article… 

We hope to see you Thursday!

Sample Topics

“Unprecedented Loss in an Unprecedented Time”

“Balancing Mind, Body, and Spirit During a Loss”

“Identifying Your Loss and What to Do About It”

“Your Loss Can Change Your Life”

“What to say to a grieving person”

“Coping with Multiple Losses” 

“Why is Loss So Difficult?” 

“Red Flags of the Grieving Process” 

“Describing the Journey of Loss” 

“Gratitude in Grief” 

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