21 Day Challenge

Would you be willing to invest 21 days of your time, on your terms, with no one pushing or coercion to make 10 million dollars or would you pass it by? Most of us would gladly invest the time and effort.

Only one person who has ever lived claimed to be the resurrection and the life. His name was Jesus. He claims to hold in his hands your purpose, your life and your eternity. Somewhere in your lifetime wouldn’t it be worth a 21 day investment to see if what he claimed has any truth or reality?

Most people in our world have up their mind about Jesus and his claims based on hearsay, rumors, and opinions. How foolish would any of us feel at the end of life, standing before this Jesus, claiming we have neglected to take the time to discover if what he said was true or false.

The 21 Day Challenge is your opportunity, in the privacy of your own home, to explore the 21 chapters of the Gospel of John to see for yourself the truth or the falseness of his claims.

How do you take the challenge? This booklet contains all 21 chapters of John. Read one chapter per day and then, at the end of the chapter, answer one question and consider one challenge. That’s it!

Are you prepared to take the greatest challenge of your life?

If so, begin with chapter one today.

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