Home Missions

The 2015 contributions will go towards these Home Missions projects:

    • The support will go half to the Home Missions Pastors and Wives Retreat and half to be used at the Home Mission Boards discretion. Please pray for our Home Missions pastors and wives, their families and the congregations that they are serving. Remember our Alaska missionaries in prayer. They have limited access to stores, and their remote location often brings up needs for unique items.

The Alaska Registry

The Registry has been updated with items that will be needed at the NET ministry outreach this summer. Specific evangelism tracts and Bible in other languages are listed on this registry. Other additions will help furnish the living quarters in the new garage. Your support is huge source of encouragement to our team and the people they are serving! The registry is:  http://www.myregistry.com/visitors/?registryid=337412

Quilt Ministry to Alaska

There have been so many questions regarding the logistics of the Quilt Ministry, that a webpage has been created to help answer them.

The web page can be reached through the AFLC website from  Home Missions webpage at http://aflchomemissions.org/ and then go to ALASKA and you will find the Quilt Ministry link. If you prefer you can type in the link it is as follows: http://www.aflchomemissions.org/index.php/alaska/quiltsforalaska.html

At this link they answer many of the questions that  have been asked frequently. Also, you will find a letter to read from Pastor Jeff and Jane Swanson about the ministry.