“The love toward our neighbors must be like the pure and chaste love between bride and bridegroom, where all faults are connived at (overlooked) and borne with, and only the virtues regarded.” Martin Luther

Friends and Neighbors at Our House

The mark of a true friend is that his love remains faithful and constant no matter what the circumstances.  The value of a true friend is that he will be there beside you when you face adversity. Christian friendships have no equal.

A true friend will influence us wisely vs leads us to do foolish things.    Proverb 13:20

A true friend will not tell others our faults vs gossip and separating speech.

 Proverb 17:9                                                                        Proverb 16:28

A true friend will be a peacemaker vs violent, vengeful, hidden agenda and untrustworthy.

Proverb 16:7                                                                           Proverb 16:29,30

A true friend is kind to the poor and generous vs only interested in the money and status of having wealthy friends.

Proverb 19:17                                                                         Proverb 19:4, 6, 7

A true friend is open, honest, willing to lovingly confront you vs hiding true feelings, flatter, say what you want to hear

Proverb 27:5, 6                                                                       Proverb 27:5, 6

Proverb 27:17 – iron sharpens iron.

Proverb 15:23 edify or build up with words of encouragement.

Galatians 6:1-5 carry each other’s burdens


And don’t forget your best friend Jesus – John 15:9-17

“Love teaches very readily how to conduct yourself well in all situations; and without it nothing whatever can be satisfactorily taught.”  Martin Luther

Excerpts from A Wise Woman Builds Her House written by Rose Carlson for the WMF in 2002.