Recognizing God's Gifts

By Bonnie Upton

    Many of us go through life looking right at all of God's blessings and fail to recognize them.  We need to change our attitude and praise God in all things. Look for joy. Be thankful that thorns have roses instead of complaining that roses have thorns.  Thank God when you balance your checkbook the first time; when the rain that ruined your picnic produced a beautiful rainbow; when you stop at a stop sign and there are no cars coming; when you go to bed early and the phone doesn't ring. I recall a visiting pastor whose first words in his prayer at breakfast were...” Thank you, God, for a good night's sleep.”  God is there in all things, big or small.  He loves to bless His children.  He is a wonderful God—more than wonderful.  Try it...try praising and thanking God as soon as you wake and see if it doesn't put more joy in your day. 


    “The Lord has done great things for me and I am filled with joy!”  Psalm 126:3 NIV