“When I was young, I read the Bible over and over and over again, and was so perfectly acquainted with it, that I could, in an instant, have pointed to any verse that might have been mentioned.” Martin Luther

Meals in our kitchen is the recipe for this devotional.

The Bible offers practical wisdom for serving both physical and spiritual food. Proverbs encourages us to be hospitable and generous. We are to watch the atmosphere and avoid overindulgence. I am sure you could share about a time when a simple meal richly blessed you.

Read John 6:25-42 When Jesus said, “I AM,” it was a solemn and emphatic statement of His realness! He will quench all our spiritual thirst and hunger. This crowd was able to physically see and touch the Bread of Heaven, and to physically taste His food, yet still could not believe.

Here are some ways you can taste and even feast on the bread of heaven.
Isaiah 50:4 – daily Bible reading
Psalm 63:6 – memorizing and meditating of the Word of God
Psalm 63:5 – singing praises to the Lord, both privately and in public worship
Hebrews 2:12, 13 – fellowship with other Christians, sharing Scripture with them
Hebrews 2:12, 10:24, 25 – regular attendance at worship, encouraging one another
Hebrews 4:11, 12 – letting God’s Word come alive and become real in your heart, letting it change you!

A shared meal is a great way to reach out to old and new friends.

Excerpts from A Wise Woman Builds Her House written by Rose Carlson for the WMF in 2002.