July Refreshment

     Your summer is in full swing now ladies.  Our area has had record high temps.  Many of you find time for water sports.  Dipping your bare toes into a cool river is refreshing.

    Pastor Paul Nash recently saw me circulating among the various display tables at the annual conference.  “You look tired.” My response was “bone tired but totally rejuvenated.”  He took time to pray for me after he explained the oxgoad.  Aah!!

     Your presence at our WMF day was so refreshing.  It was an answer to the prayers of your WMF board.  Peter’s words in Acts 3:19 “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.”

    The world seeks refreshment of another kind.  Our local “watering holes” are once again crowded.  It seems that another craft brewery or winery opens every week.

     We pray that more of those cars would be quick to turn in for some living water.  My JR High choir class sang a song based on Isaiah 41:17-18.  It was a round.  I tried to Google search for it.  It brought me to many sites that bring water to parched land all over the world.  Clean water is something we take for granted here in the good ole USA.

          “Lord help us to make the most of every opportunity.
           Thank you for everyday moments to offer a cup of cold water.
            We pray for your strength to pour living water into the lives of
           our spouse, children, family, friends, and foes.  Forgive us our sins
           that times of refreshing may come from you.”

With love and prayers.
Lavonne West

(NKJV was used in scripture references unless otherwise noted.)                                                            

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