Battle for March – The Battle of Ai
Joshua 8

I can relate to Achan. I grew up with “waste not want not.” “Don’t throw that away.” (My husband too… some of you have seen our shop.) I could share stories…Achan’s fight with coveting and the horrible consequences.

Satan is so tricky. He will find your weakness and hone his skills of temptation specifically designed for you.

There was great victory at Jericho, and we will be focusing on the victory in Joshua chapter 8; but we needed to be reminded of the first battle with Ai.

It’s the only defeat of Israel’s army recorded in Joshua and the only report of Jews slain in battle. Why? SIN! It will always have consequences.

Joshua chose to follow the Lord. (Josh. 24:15) He listened. He obeyed. He didn’t make the same mistake twice. And he was able to turn this place of defeat into a place of victory.

Some keys for victory that I have gleaned from this portion of scripture based on Joshua Chapter 8 are:

• Be encouraged vs.1
• Follow the Lord’s plan vs.2-8
• Use every resource and the best resources vs.3
• Live with and look to Jesus vs.9
• Go on the offensive vs.10
• Show no mercy to your enemy vs.22

Ladies let’s take the offensive against the powers of darkness today. Do you have some prayer warriors that you can “muster up?” vs. 10… If not let us know how we can pray for you!

Let’s be busy doing what the Lord would have us do. Seize those teachable moments! Trust and obey for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus!

The battle belongs to the Lord…(See you in June – we will share some battle scars perhaps.)

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