Bread of Life

     Break Thou the Bread of Life is our hymn for September.  It was written as an anthem for the Chautauqua Lake Sunday School Assembly.  In many of our churches, it’s used as a communion hymn because of the reference to breaking bread. The author, a gifted commercial artist, also encourages us to know the Bread of Life, Himself, as revealed in the Word of God.

     Fresh, homemade bread evokes fond memories for many of us.  My friend Chate said his mom made four loaves every Saturday for his family.  He was born in 1923 - $.04 for a loaf.

     We could afford to purchase a loaf when I was growing up.  It was about $.25. But homemade was more practical – the trips to the store were few and far between.

     I was gifted a bread maker as a new wife.  Homemade bread was such a treat for me, but my boys preferred store bought. It was easier to put in their sandwich bags, to grab and go on the run to practice.

     We see $5.00 for a loaf these days. The question would be... do you have more money than time or time than money?

     Jesus blessed the bread by Galilee, the hymn declares.  The references to bread in Jesus’ ministry are so very special: His temptation, the feeding of the 5,000, the Passover meal. “I am the bread of life,” He declares in Matthew 6:11

     We pray in the Lord’s prayer, “Give us this day our daily bread.” Our catechism gives a lengthy list for the meaning of daily bread. I’m sharing it in case you haven’t read it recently. It made me smile today. Only Jesus, the bread of life. can provide…

“Everything that is required to satisfy our bodily needs: such as food and raiment, house and home, fields and flocks, money and goods; pious parents, children, and servants; godly and faithful rulers, good government, seasonable weather, peace and health; order and honor; true friends, good neighbors, and the like.” Luther’s Small Catechism

     Hoping you can peruse hymn #257 in our Ambassador Hymnal.  Rich text for you to sink your teeth into.  Just like a warm slice of bread with butter and honey.

With love and prayers.
Lavonne West


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