My certification is as a nurse assistant or CNA. Officially I am a “restorative aide.” This means I get paid to take elderly gentlemen for a walk. Our goal is to maintain what the therapists worked on. Use it or lose it they say.

I love that word restorative – restore! “He restores my soul.” Psalm 23 “He restores unto me the joy of (thy) salvation.” Psalm 51:12
This photo is our local Habitat for Humanity Restore. They are in the building process. I’ve worked on a few of their building projects. It’s hard work.

Restoration can be difficult, messy, and stressful. Tearing down the old, removing the worn out flooring (my husband’s specialty) and getting rid of the dilapidated items.

Have you felt some demolition in your life? Pain and illness, death of a loved one, or loss of job or finances, strained relationships?

Some of you would dig right into a renovation. Others would hesitate and think we can make do with what we have. Procrastination could be sin as we hold on to something the Lord wants to restore.

Those sledgehammer life lessons could be just what we need to get moving into that “new creation” in II Corinthians 5:17.

Often with a remodel there are before and after photos.

Ladies, many of you look so beautiful! You’ve aged gracefully! Your high school photo has nothing on the amazing woman you have grown to be. Proof of restoration!

We’ll close with God’s promise in Jeremiah 30:17 “But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds declares the Lord.”

Lavonne West

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