Throughout this year we have visited some of the stories of redemption. For November I’d like us to reflect on Joseph.

Although Joseph wasn’t the “baby” of the family; he was a favorite. He had a special relationship with his father. He didn’t have the relationship with his older brothers that we would have liked to cultivate. The Bible mentions his dreams. (Young men shall see visions Acts 2:17) This speaks to his connection with Yahweh. He had faith in God the Father. His story is a testimony of God’s sovereignty and grace.

As a young person, he was loved by his father Jacob. He was quick to carry out his father’s wishes and this led to the first encounter with evil. His brothers decided to get rid of him. They didn’t kill him outright but sold him into slavery and told his father he was dead. The coat of many colors was returned to Jacob drenched in blood.

During his time in captivity, God showed His favor upon Joseph. His master Potiphar made him overseer of his house, and all that he had he put under his authority. The Bible says the Lord blessed the Egyptian’s house for Joseph’s sake.

He was doing his work when his next encounter with evil occurred. Potiphar’s wife asked him to lie with her. In this instant, he resisted the temptation and ran from her house. She used his garment as “proof” that he was guilty. Another coat is involved. Lies were told and Joseph ended up in prison.

During this time God showed His favor upon Joseph. The keeper of the prison put him into leadership, and he was given authority over the other inmates. An opportunity arose for Joseph to seek the Lord and interpret dreams. Another encounter with evil. This time he was overlooked and forgotten for two full years.

Next, it was Pharoah who had a dream that needed an interpreter. Joseph was called upon and God provided the answers for Pharoah. Joseph was put in charge to store up food for the coming famine.

This ultimately brought his family back to him. God’s sovereignty and grace.

I love that verse in Isaiah that talks about the garment. “Put on a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.” Through redemption, we trade our sackcloth for a garment of praise. A daily suit of armor is also essential with that garment of praise today. Ladies, as you get dressed for the day put on that coat. (It’s very cold here in Montana) remember the God who is sovereign over you. Slip into his warmth and give Him your cares. Joy comes in the morning.

With love and prayers.
Lavonne West

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