World Missions

The 2014 contributions will go toward:

  • Please remember to pray for our missionaries and the World Missions Department.  Your contributions for World Missions will continue to enable the WMF to send $500 monthly for each missionary unit. Remember Pastor Jonathan and Tamba Abel, Pastor Paul and Becky Abel and Jonni Sliver serving in Brazil, Pastor Todd and Barb Schierkolk serving in  Mexico, Pastor Nathan and Rhoda Jore in Uganda, Justo and Patricia Pillman in Ecuador.
  • We will also continue to support the Mission Scholarship program.  This scholarship program is available to seminarians who are approved as missionary candidates for World Missions, Short Term Assistants, and Missionary and Seminary wives who desire to continue their spiritual education. Visit the World Missions website at to learn more about and see our missionaries and their work.
  • We will also be receiving funds for the STA Fund (Short term assistant) to help those approved by the Missions Board to help serve our missionaries on the field.