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The Association of Free Lutheran Congregations is sincerely grateful for the work of other Lutherans; yet it desires to have its own peculiar share in the mighty work and witness of the Lutheran Church. It does not seek to pass judgment on the relative contribution to Lutheranism of groups small or large; it earnestly seeks to be kept truly humble because of the imperfection of its achievements, and rightly proud because of the greatness of its heritage. Limited in numbers so that not even its name is known in many Lutheran circles of our country, and conscious that it will probably never be regarded as 'successful' in the eyes of the world, it still believes in the continuing urgency of its message. Willing if necessary to find its success in seeming failure, the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations is committed, together with others of like mind, to the struggle for true congregational life in the Lutheran Church, in America.

The above statements were both inspired by and partially taken from an article originally published under the title of "What is the Lutheran Free Church?" by Dr. B. M. Christensen in The Lutheran Messenger. All references to 'Lutheran Free Church' have been changed to 'Association of Free Lutheran Congregations.' The Lutheran Free Church was the predecessor of the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations, which is founded upon its Fundamental Principles.

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