See the AFLC Departments giving subsidy details below.

The AFLC General Funds 2018 budget totals $932,039 comprised of a subsidy request of $528,140 and other income of $403,899. The General Funds expenses are primarily payroll and benefits, program and promotional, administrative, and repairs and maintenance of the headquarters and presidents home properties. The General Fund also oversees the Benefits Board, HIS Fund, and The Lutheran Ambassador. Further detail can be found in the annual conference report.  

The AFLC General Fund (Coordinating Committee) has purchased the adjoining property (1.2 acres) to the AFLC in Plymouth, MN with a purchase price of $650,000. In December, 2017 the General Fund acquired a loan of $315,000. God has been providing for the purchase of this property through many gifts from both individuals and congregations. Thanks to those gifts we have already been able to save over $47,800 in interest!! The balance due on the loan is roughly $222,000. Please keep this project in your prayers. If you would like to give a gift for this purchase, please designate "Charles Property Purchase" on your check. You may also donate online. For more information on the property please contact Development Director, Tonnes Pollestad ([email protected]).