AFLC Youth Ministries is responding to COVID-19 for our national youth equipping week by offering a physical camp and a digital camp. 

Digital Camp  Registration  Closed on August 4th

In addition to the physical camp, FLY Beyond 2020 offers a digital camp version. This approach enables a congregation to receive the FLY Beyond content via videos. 

With the Digital Camp, a local church receives:

  • One rate of $199, which covers all interested FLY Beyond teens and adult leaders.
  • All 16 main sessions of FLY Beyond training and teaching via a password protected website.
  • The flexibility to select the schedule, the environment, and the safety measures for a local gathering.
  • Access to the first video files on Wednesday, July 22 and digital camp closes on Monday, September 7.
  • A leader’s guide for schedule options, discussion questions, and additional support.

* Please Note: Each Registrant attending the physical camp also qualifies their congregation (selected when registering) for access to the digital camp download information. For more information on this please contact registrar. Chris Rasmussen ([email protected]).

Physical Camp Registration is closed


Best Rate

Register By
June 30

Regular Rate

Register By
July 13



















A $150 deposit must be received in order to secure your registration rate.

The deadline for mailing a check for a deposit for the best rate registration is a postmarked date of July 6th. Any registrations received by the best rate without deposits will be moved to the regular registration rate.

Final Payments

The deadline for mailing a check for final payments is a postmarked date of July 6th.  All balances after July 6th must be taken care of in person at check-in on July 19th.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What ages attend FLY Beyond as students?

A: Current 7th through 12th grade youths are welcome at FLY Beyond. If your congregational youth ministry includes 6th graders and you conclude that a training week with depth would be right for them, then they are also welcome.

Q:  Have there been any changes due to the pandemic?

A: AFLC Youth Ministries is responding to COVID-19 for our national youth equipping week by offering a physical camp and a digital camp. 

Q: Why is the best rate deadline of June 30 so close to the event?

A: The FLY Beyond planning team moved the best rate to June 30 in order to give teens, families, and congregations as much time as possible for weighing their decision on the national youth equipping event.

Q: What does it mean that there are two options for FLY Beyond 2020?

A: We have a dual approach for this year's event. The physical camp in Wisconsin will go on as planned on July 19-23 for those comfortable gathering in person. For those interested in an alternative, we have added a digital camp that opens July 22. The digital version provides a congregation access to the 16 main sessions of FLY Beyond for one registration rate.

Q: What happens if we have interest within our youth group for some to go to physical and some to try digital?

A: All attendees of the physical camp will be granted the access to the digital camp. If a congregation has one teen or one leader attend physical camp, then the congregation will not need to purchase the digital camp registration. The digital camp information including password protected website will be released by July 22 to all digital camp and physical camp registrants. More information is provided on the registration page above.